Angel was adopted after being left outside a pet shop one morning. 

She is a Long-haired black-eye cream female, and a very pretty one at that!

She was adopted on 22nd December 2013 and estimated at 8 months old although it is hard to tell apart from knowing that she is fully grown.

Angel will remain here as a pet for the rest of her life and is a much loved and cherished family pet! 

Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist was part of a litter that arrived at the rescue. Sadly, being the runt, he had little share in food and was picked on a lot so he was very small and weak. He's gained weight since and, after some health worries, we decided he would stay in the care of the rescue. 

He is a very sweet, laid-back hamster, a typical male Syrian. He is also long-haired but his coat has yet to reach it's full form and for now he is just very fluffy. 


Wednesday is a Russian hybrid, a mix of a Winter White and Campbells, which are often sold in pet shops. She is a permanent resident here at the rescue. 

She was handled badly as a pup so has no trust in humans and it is slow progress to gain her trust and affection, but even if goals aren't reached, she has her forever home at the rescue where she is happy and content. 

Rainbow Bridge

Over the years we have owned hamsters, some have moved on to the rainbow bridge. They may be gone but they're never forgotten and continue to leave their precious little paw prints in our hearts, forever and for always. 

Honey, Pumpkin, Orchid, Marco, Teddy, Ruby, Judas, Captain Jack Sparrow, Hank, Nymphadora, Roman, Tinker, Lilly, Muffin, Pandora, Hatton.

Sleep well angels x