For adoption:

We currently have two hamsters for adoption. Two cream banded female Syrians, both roughly 7 weeks old. 

Please read!

We will take in hamsters whose owners can no longer look after them, whether or not it is from moving, loss of interest from children or other, we are always open to a new hamster. If the hamster is quite young and tame we may decide to look for a new home for him/her, in particular to people we know and trust. If we take in a pregnant female we will also re-home her pups, but it is unlikely we may re-home her.

If a hamster comes into us at an older age or with a long or short term illness then they will be kept with us as their forever home.

If you wish to re-home a hamster, we have a few terms to follow:

1. You will need to show proof of a suitable hamster cage.  The bigger the better but realistically the biggest you can provide. The RSPCA guidelines state that a cage size should be 75x40x40 cm.

2. You must commit to giving the hamster the full amount of love, care and attention he/she deserves. 

3. If you can no longer look after the hamster it must be returned to us. No matter what, we will take them back into our care. 

4. You should never breed from a hamster you take from us. As part of being a new responsible owner, it is not right. We are here to give you all of the guidance you will need for the rest of the hamster's life.

You may find our adoption application form here: