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Dangers of fluffy bedding

Posted on February 25, 2014 at 5:55 PM Comments comments (45)

Fluffy Bedding is a cotton wool like material sold as a nesting material for small animals. It comes in many colours and under several different names and is unfortunately often recommended to hamster buyers in shops. 

The unfortunate truth is that fluffy bedding, which may look so soft and appealing to the eye, has been the cause of injury and death to many hamsters without their owner even knowing. The materials and fibres used do not break down well when eaten and is also easy for hamsters to get tangled in. Many hamsters may accidentally swallow bedding, and this 'cotton wool' bedding can lead to a painful death. 

The materials used means it can tighten around limbs and lead to the circulation being cut off. This, of course, causes distress to the animal as they panic and attempt to untangle themself, they may try to chew it off and result in death from blood loss or shock. 

As hamsters also pouch bedding, it means that this material can easily get stuck in their cheek pouches and cause an impacted pouch which can become infected and lead to difficulties and pain when eating and drinking. This requires an urgent vet visit.

Not only this, but hamsters can also swallow some of their bedding by accident. In the case of flufy bedding, as it does not break down, it can cause a blockage and in some cases become twisted in the hamster's intestines, if not discovered and treated soon this can result in death to the poor hamster.

How do I tell if the bedding I use is safe?

When you put it in water it should dissolve very easily. Some of the best bedding for a hamster, really is the cheapest! Personally I use cheap toilet roll as bedding as it can be easily ripped up and given in large amounts to a hamster. Unscented, of course!

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