* Welcome to Nyx Hamstery! *

About Us

We are a home run hamster rescue based in Cardiff, South Wales. 

We are here to give advice to people in caring for their hamsters and we also aim to take in any hamster that can no longer be kept by their owner, for whatever circumstance. 

To see our terms of taking in or re-homing a hamster, please visit the 'Hamsters' page.

As owners of Syrian hamsters for years, we have plenty of knowledge and personal experience with them. Over the years we have adopted many hamsters and have kept them when their owners could no longer look after them.  

Our Aims and Goals

We may not be an 'official' rescue or charity, but we still care deeply about what we so and have set our own aims and goals. 

We want to be a safe haven to all hamsters and aside from taken them on and re-homing them, we have many plans to improve their welfare in the future although we can not do it alone, we need the help and support of others and hope to gain that and succeed in our aims and goals.

Although many receive advice on caring for their hamster, the advice given is not always the best for that hamster and this is where we wish to step in. There is large hamster community with plenty of advice to offer, and plenty experience to share and we are proud to be part of it.


Latest news:

21/10/14 - We currently have two hamsters looking for homes as well as two more about to arrive at the rescue, please contact for more information.

10/02/14 - We are opening our doors to more hamsters! Please contact if you need our help.

09/02/14 - Sadly we lost our dear Judas due to old age. He loved a long and happy life, sleep well little man x

Please visit the other pages of our website, or contact us with any enquiries.